Horseback Riding

At the heart of what happens at Adamowo Inn is connecting people and horses to improve people’s quality of life.We offer a variety of therapeutic riding programs for people of all ages.Riding a horse simulates people’s normal walking movements, encouraging strengthened trunk control, improved balance and coordination, normalized muscle tone and increased stamina.Whoever you are and whatever brings you to psychotherapy, horses can help you develop transformative insights and elicit the change in your life that you have been yearning for. Clients in equine-facilitated psychotherapy typically seek help for the full range of issues and challenges that psychotherapists have been working with in more traditional, talk-therapy settings, such as anxiety, depression, anger management, sexuality, PTSD, ADHD, challenges in the couple or family, existential issues, transition,  sexual or physical abuse. All can benefit from the unique clinical contribution of equine-facilitated psychotherapy. The main difference with other modalities is the resonance between the human client and the equine facilitator. Horses challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. You can’t ever fool horses — they are big, intuitive, and they read right through you. Yet, horses are also curious, joyful, and honest. Horses help you manifest and work through what is relevant for you at this very juncture in your life. Come with a beginner’s mind.Contact us in advance if you are interested.

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