Rooted in nature and proven by science, Adamowo Farm’s Deep Healing Woods activities offer one-of-a-kind experiences with established psychological and physiological benefits. Yoga means ‘union’ and when practiced outdoors, a greater sense of connecting with the universe can be evoked. Allow the breeze to expand your breathing, the warm sun to help you deepen your pose by making muscles more pliable, and let a ladybug invite you to focus on something small and still. Enjoy a sense of harmony, timelessness and union with Mother Nature. The Yoga Class is perfect for people new to yoga, older adults, and those recovering from injury. Each class combines mindful movements, beneficial breathing, simple stretching, and easy meditation. We have cultivated a safe, supportive environment perfect for people of all ages and abilities who seek an easy, playful, refreshing yoga-light experience. No prior experience needed Contact us in advance if you are interested. Minimum no:12 people

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